Our awards and accolades

We absolutely love making quality artisan cheese that’s driven by flavour. And our collection of awards and accolades only encourages us to keep perfecting our small-batch recipes and pushing our cheese-making processes forward.

2018 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards

The NZ Champions of Cheese Awards are annual awards to showcase the best cheese in the country.

Gold Medals

  • Creamy Havarti
  • Haloumi
  • Goat Parmesan

Silver Medals

  • Lincoln Hills Gouda
  • Te Mu Kau
  • Sheep Feta

Bronze Medals

  • Chilli Gouda
  • Parmesan

Jason Green at the 2018 award ceremony


Goat Parmesan - gold medal and category trophy award 2018

Other Awards

TVNZ video on the annual NZ cheese awards

In 2014 we also won a host of awards:

GOLD: Mt Peel, Cheshire, Havarti, Romano, Scott Base Cheddar and Talbot Forest Cheddar

SILVER MEDALS: Temona, Sbrinz, Emmental, Mt Somers Blue, Talbot Forest Cheddar (aged 25-36 month), Talbot Forest Cheddar (aged up to 19 month)

BRONZE MEDALS: Overbrook Parmesan, Mesopotamia Blue, Parmesan, Raclette, Smokey Manuka Cheddar, Waihi Blue, Mesopotamia Blue, Mt Peel Blue and Temona.