Cheese is our thing.
It's what we know.
It's what we love.
And it's what we do best.

Talbot Forest Cheese was founded on Managing Director Paul Fitzsimons’ extensive background as a cheese plant manager and specialist consultant for major cheese producers and partner Angela Veales’ experience in Food Quality and product development.

After several expeditions helping to establish various other cheese factories, he decided he was ready to make his own cheese dreams a reality. Paul moved back to his hometown of Geraldine and with Angela’s help, launched Talbot Forest Cheese at the turn of the millennium.

Starting out small, we began making 10 tonnes of cheese a year at our Artisan Factory in Geraldine. But as word got out about our cheese, demand grew and expansion was necessary.

We're heroically local

Talbot Forest Cheese is named after the local forest which in bygone days covered the very spot on which the flagship shop and on-site factory still stands. Nestled in the picturesque town of Geraldine, approximately two hours south of Christchurch, and at the foothills of the Southern Alps. A mecca for quality raw ingredients and incredible artisan food producers, Talbot Forest Cheese is an heroically local brand. Many of our cheese varieties are named in honour of local geography.

The combination of traditional skills and an innovative interpretation of cheese-making techniques create a unique selection of cheeses crafted with the finest, freshest ingredients, each with a wonderfully indulgent taste sensation.

Our cheese is a delectable collaboration of finest quality ingredients and the intuitive skills, irrepressible enthusiasm, and consummate knowledge of our cheesemakers, which has led to the creation of some unforgettable cheeses with outstanding quality.

With over 20 years experience in cheese making, Paul combines traditional open-vat manufacturing processes with innovative technology, to create unique flavours and exciting varieties.

The cows, a Jersey/Fresian herd, which produce the rich and flavoursome premium milk for our extensive range of cows cheese are grazed on the clean, green and pristine pastures of South Canterbury.

The goats, mostly Saanens and Toggenbergs, which produce the milk for goat cheeses, are as well grazed on the fertile pastures of South Canterbury. Obtaining milk from a single farm is an important part of maintaining the unique flavours and characteristics found throughout our goat cheese range.